Midus Touch

It’s the middle of winter here in the Chicago-land area. Grey skies, bitter weather, wind gusts, and EPIC amounts of snow are all staples of an average mid-west winter. Global climate change has had it’s hay day here too but this particular winter will go down in the history books. A few weeks ago, parts of  Minnesota were supposedly colder than the surface of Mars. Way cool. Jack London eat your heart out!


Unlike most mid-westerners I love the winter. I’d take a few feet of snow over sweltering heat any day. Plus I get to wear cool sweaters, ear muffs, and fleeces so it’s a win-win by me. However, by the time February rolls around everyone has the blues. We’ve only seen the sun for a handful of days. No blue skies around here, baby. So I thought I’d brighten up a family gathering with a bit of sunshine.


They Might Be Giants made it quite clear that “The sun is far away. Its about 93 million miles away, and thats why it looks so small!” My 7″ tall chocolate cake might not fit a million earths inside but it will sure fill your belly.