Psychadelic Butterfly Cookies


I really wish I could put these cookies under a black light and watch ’em glow! I got this amazing new, and of course outrageously huge, butterfly cookie cutter and I didn’t want to go the traditional monarch route. I mean, they’re an endangered species and deserve their own homage, but I wanted a cookie with some funk, a little freak, and a lot of cool vibes. I saw vivid and eerie butterflies on a trip to Australia once and I was feeling a little nostalgic for the otherworldly animal kingdom. Like Rivendale on LSD.


I also made some cupcake cookies for my friend’s birthday. Because I didn’t know if I wanted to make cupcakes or cookies and was too busy to have an existential crisis over the matter.

IMG_2557 IMG_2556

IMG_2555 IMG_2552 IMG_2551 IMG_2550



Cookie Fetish

For the last few years I’ve slowly developed a sugar cookie fetish. I’ve honed the recipe and have played with different techniques. I feel like I don’t have to be as serious with cookies. Although they take a lot of work It’s always nice to see the smiles they bring to others.

I’m  working on my valentines cookies to sell at the bakery were I work!

IMG_1946 IMG_1952 IMG_1959 IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1965