After: The Pudding


The Walking Dead pudding memes are all over the god damn place.


After narrowly escaping walkers Carl casually scarfs down a gigantic can of chocolate pudding, 112 ounces to be exact. In the scene his legs dangle off the roof swaying willy nilly. He looks comical and child like after losing one of his shoes during his escape. He reclaims part of his innocence. Like he was stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. I’m not versed at conveying how¬†cinematically poignant these few primetime TV moments are but It was amazing. It was just so human.


A few weeks ago I made TWD cookies. Today I made some chocolate pudding to enhance my TWD viewing experience.


Carl use to be one of my least favorite characters. I wanted him, Lori, and Shane to be devoured alive. However, Carl’s character has evolved. His experiences and actions reflect the black and white ideology children/adolescents believe.¬† His viewpoint is important because it radically contrasts the adults’ desire to go back to the way things were before the pandemic. Compared to the adults, Carl’s, and some of the other children, spectrum of morality is fundamentally different. I’m excited to watch where it leads the group. So here is some pudding to honor Carl. Hopefully he’ll survive the rest of the series.