Cookies and Cream Eggs


I have been completely uninspired for the last several months. I have very few people to eat my sweet creations therefore my oven has been dormant and I have been hibernating. But spring arrived and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make Easter cookie bouquets, peeps, and homemade Cadbury eggs.


Easter is the x-mas of spring in my family. The proverbial bunny doles out candy and presents. Ham instead of turkey (or grilled tofu instead of Tofurky in my case), double baked potatoes in place of mashed potatoes, and the pitter patter of paws instead of hooves. Everyone has their traditions. We are not god fearing folk so we celebrate the holiday by helping capitalism inch forward. It is an excuse to buy awesome things for the little ones and stuff our faces with unnecessary confectionery calories. Any excuse, right?


I have to say I am glad to see daffodils, green grass and blue sky. I love the crazy midwest winters but even I was ready for some sunshine and bird noises.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the cream eggs. They just made it to our bellies too quickly. Slippery fellas, those cream eggs, you gotta watch out for them.



IMG_2378 IMG_2379