Raspberry Marshmallows


I’ve been dying to make raspberry marshmallows for ages. I wanted to use freeze dried raspberries. I thought I could pulverize the raspberries to powder with my vitamix and coat the marshmallows with it. I was right!


I’ve had a very difficult time finding freeze dried fruits, though. On my last trip to Trader Joe’s I stumbled upon them by the nuts and literally squealed while doing a little dance. Holy Mother of God and All Her Wacky Nephews, I couldn’t believe my luck! The women next to me said “Damn, she’s excited about fruit!” She looked more than a little embarrassed for me. I couldn’t care less you Motherless Goat of All Motherless Goats.


I filled my cart with freeze dried raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. They had some freeze dried mango too- but my pockets aren’t that deep.


These marshmallows are so fruity, tart, and unberryibley (haha you get it?) delicious. I added some of the raspberry powder to the marshmallow as well. Their texture is a little chewier than normal. I couldn’t get all of the seeds out of the powder. My seive’s mesh wasn’t fine enough to filter out all of the seeds so there are some strays in the marshmallows. It’s charming. Makes them rustic like. They’re extremely pink. I should have made these for V-day.




Freshly Minted


It is girl scout cookie season. Like every other food blogger out there I am now socially obliged to invent a dessert, featuring a cookie, that was sold to me by a 7 year old. AWESOME. It’s a right of passage. I’m walking through a portal, transitioning into hallowed territory.

Naturally, I have to make something out of Thin Mints. To be honest I just walked up to the girl scout table at the grocery store brandishing my money and asked for a box . I could have lingered at their stand pursuing over the cookie selection to iron chef, but making prolonged eye contact with children and or their guardians is awkward, at best. The fact that I didn’t want to interact was probably more creepy for them. Super sorry kids. I want you to get your badge, I think you’re building some great skills, I’m sure you’re an outstanding group of people trying to get money to travel where ever and I’d rather be thrown under a bus than have to make small talk.

I faced a delemia. I hate mint. It’s good in chutneys but that’s the only way I’ll eat it. It’s ok for my tooth paste and mouth wash but I don’t like the leathery herb. I cannot explain why but every time I eat it I sneeze. I don’t have anything against mint. I feel pretty sorry for it most of the time. It’s main feature in American food culture is as a garnish and a few boozie drinks. Ok- I’ll admit there are peppermint candies, gums, chcolates, cookies, truffles, ice cream etc. But, on average, most people don’t ever encounter the herb itself. I’m probably trying to justify why I don’t like it by undermining it’s influence and adoration by others. I guess it’s one of those days: 1) Creep out children 2) demean my audience. I’m on a roll.

I made tart crusts out of them. HOLY GUACAMOLE mint isn’t as bad as I thought it was! In fact, it’s darn right delicious. I left them out to cool etc etc and was going to put the pudding in them for some photos. But my family got to them first. These were the only ones left- there was no more pudding.

Sorry the picture is so crude. I guess I’ll have to go interact with some girl scouts again. More cookies… the mint ones!

After: The Pudding


The Walking Dead pudding memes are all over the god damn place.


After narrowly escaping walkers Carl casually scarfs down a gigantic can of chocolate pudding, 112 ounces to be exact. In the scene his legs dangle off the roof swaying willy nilly. He looks comical and child like after losing one of his shoes during his escape. He reclaims part of his innocence. Like he was stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. I’m not versed at conveying how¬†cinematically poignant these few primetime TV moments are but It was amazing. It was just so human.


A few weeks ago I made TWD cookies. Today I made some chocolate pudding to enhance my TWD viewing experience.


Carl use to be one of my least favorite characters. I wanted him, Lori, and Shane to be devoured alive. However, Carl’s character has evolved. His experiences and actions reflect the black and white ideology children/adolescents believe.¬† His viewpoint is important because it radically contrasts the adults’ desire to go back to the way things were before the pandemic. Compared to the adults, Carl’s, and some of the other children, spectrum of morality is fundamentally different. I’m excited to watch where it leads the group. So here is some pudding to honor Carl. Hopefully he’ll survive the rest of the series.


Double Stuffed

I feel guilty wanting and purchasing oreos. They’re owned by some mega food conglomerate, are completely processed, and probably ruin the earth and souls of those that make them. But they’re good so I’ve turned a blind eye to my double standards. I couldn’t just eat them, though. I would sit down and finish the whole bag (box?) in a matter of moments. No shame.


Oreo cupcakes are a whole different matter entirely. When used as an ingredient and not the culinary focal point you can get away with just about anything. No food is sacred, except when it is, and even then bastardizing it becomes high art to heretics. Win-win.


I also had the excuse that this particular batch of cupcakes was going my friend’s amazing, adorable, and always hungry horde of children. Kids love Oreos, right? Me too.



Anyway. Nothing special about the process or ethereal nature of these cupcakes. The whole bag of oreos went into the cupcakes and icing. They had a really nice crunch.


Very Vanilla Valentine

I honestly don’t care about what people think about Valentines day anymore. You have your beliefs and that’s awesome! Regardless of your stance on V-day, everyone seems to agree that it is the one day of year you can eat as many sweets as you want guilt free. Lonely: stuff your face. In a relationship (what the hell does that mean these days?!): stuff your face. Anywhere in between: stuff your face. We’ve got so many sugary choices these days: chocolates (in any form, shape, or size), cupcakes, mini-cupcakes, cake balls, a million type of fancy-smancy candies and marshmallows. Donuts have not made it on the list yet. We should change that.

I was pretty busy at work making people’s last minute sugar platitudes. Who wants to actually place an order? No one. People seem to think that this day doesn’t actually mean anything to anyone until the last moment and change their minds. I was ahead of the game though, you see? I sent my delicacies before the holiday rush. Although, weather conditions might have delayed the arrival of a few… cupid and Chicago airports were snowed in (again).


I can’t ship anything uber parishable via snail mail to all of my friends and family. I had been looking for an excuse to make an unreasonable amount of marshmallows for awhile and they fit the bill. They’re light (although bulky), have a very long shelf life, and I could flavor them anyway I wanted. I went the safe route and made vanilla marshmallows. I wanted them to be out of this world vanilla so I used 6 vanilla bean innards to flavor the marshmallow and the pods in the boiling sugar elixir. To cover all my bases I also added a dab of some good vanilla extract. I also added some pink food coloring. For some reason pink and red are the colors of the season, so what the hell, why not? I took the photos with some bricks of chocolate. They have another fate. The photos don’t really have a realistic size perspective. The mallows were about 2″ high and 1 1/2″ wide.


Where’s Carl?

The Walking Dead is by far my all time favorite show (for the moment). Except for the third season, which totally sucked, and we should pretend most of it didn’t happen. However, Michonne was introduced during the 3rd season so I can’t complain too much. No one backs Michonne into a corner…


As a TWD fanatic I am obliged to let it consume my time, thoughts, and my belly. Hundreds of dollars of TWD comics- Check– VIP Norman Redus tickets- Check- 24 hour non-stop marathons- Check– TWD cookies…. THE WALKING DEAD COOKIES?! What a stroke of brilliance! Sometimes I’m divinely inspired.


It would take Shane rolling over in his grave to stop me from making these cookies. Walkers might be surrounding my house, and even though they don’t eat sweet delicacies (Ok, I’m totally a sweet delicacy, thank you very much),¬† I would rather be eaten alive than not have cookies in my bunker.


Unfortunately I haven’t finished my Daryl and Carl cookies. But here’s what I’ve got so far.

IMG_2018 IMG_2017 IMG_2012

The photo’s are kinda crude but what the hell, the world’s ending anyway and this history books will remember these edibles at high art.


The Cop Out Cake

The bakery I work at also teaches classes. For now- just Wilton classes. I’m redoing all of the courses so I can become an instructor… But I’m really more interested in teaching other things: cookies, marshmallows, more cookies, more marshmallows, some cupcakes… maybe a few advanced/ more pastry type things-you get the idea . In the end it’s all about money, supply and demand, and devision of labor. With that in mind here is a silly cake I made for the class. I really didn’t try very hard on this cake, which is sad. I did it super fast so I could finish up an order we had for the next day. My icing was way too dry and old for good roses. Woopse.