Psychadelic Butterfly Cookies


I really wish I could put these cookies under a black light and watch ’em glow! I got this amazing new, and of course outrageously huge, butterfly cookie cutter and I didn’t want to go the traditional monarch route. I mean, they’re an endangered species and deserve their own homage, but I wanted a cookie with some funk, a little freak, and a lot of cool vibes. I saw vivid and eerie butterflies on a trip to Australia once and I was feeling a little nostalgic for the otherworldly animal kingdom. Like Rivendale on LSD.


I also made some cupcake cookies for my friend’s birthday. Because I didn’t know if I wanted to make cupcakes or cookies and was too busy to have an existential crisis over the matter.

IMG_2557 IMG_2556

IMG_2555 IMG_2552 IMG_2551 IMG_2550




A Doljanchi or Dol is a Korean celebration of a baby’s first birthday. It’s an old tradition honoring the survival of the child. Since child mortality was so high way back in the day (and still is in some parts of Korea) it’s a big deal. My nieces’ Doljianchis’ were as big as some weddings.


It was my job to make the cake, cupcakes, and cookies. Luckily I was able to make the cake centerpiece a dummy and just hand out cupcakes (THANK THE POWERS THAT BE). My niece was born in the year of the snake. Therefore things were snake/ jungle themed.IMG_2261


I wanted to do ruffles on the bottom. Used toothpicks to hold it all together and for transporting it. It reminded me of Hellraiser: “Oh, no tears please. It’s a waste of good suffering”


I didn’t get any pictures of the back of the cake. It had a cute zebra and flowers etc.

IMG_2329 IMG_2325 IMG_2322 IMG_2318



Cookies and Cream Eggs


I have been completely uninspired for the last several months. I have very few people to eat my sweet creations therefore my oven has been dormant and I have been hibernating. But spring arrived and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make Easter cookie bouquets, peeps, and homemade Cadbury eggs.


Easter is the x-mas of spring in my family. The proverbial bunny doles out candy and presents. Ham instead of turkey (or grilled tofu instead of Tofurky in my case), double baked potatoes in place of mashed potatoes, and the pitter patter of paws instead of hooves. Everyone has their traditions. We are not god fearing folk so we celebrate the holiday by helping capitalism inch forward. It is an excuse to buy awesome things for the little ones and stuff our faces with unnecessary confectionery calories. Any excuse, right?


I have to say I am glad to see daffodils, green grass and blue sky. I love the crazy midwest winters but even I was ready for some sunshine and bird noises.

Unfortunately I have no photos of the cream eggs. They just made it to our bellies too quickly. Slippery fellas, those cream eggs, you gotta watch out for them.



IMG_2378 IMG_2379



Double Stuffed

I feel guilty wanting and purchasing oreos. They’re owned by some mega food conglomerate, are completely processed, and probably ruin the earth and souls of those that make them. But they’re good so I’ve turned a blind eye to my double standards. I couldn’t just eat them, though. I would sit down and finish the whole bag (box?) in a matter of moments. No shame.


Oreo cupcakes are a whole different matter entirely. When used as an ingredient and not the culinary focal point you can get away with just about anything. No food is sacred, except when it is, and even then bastardizing it becomes high art to heretics. Win-win.


I also had the excuse that this particular batch of cupcakes was going my friend’s amazing, adorable, and always hungry horde of children. Kids love Oreos, right? Me too.



Anyway. Nothing special about the process or ethereal nature of these cupcakes. The whole bag of oreos went into the cupcakes and icing. They had a really nice crunch.


Where’s Carl?

The Walking Dead is by far my all time favorite show (for the moment). Except for the third season, which totally sucked, and we should pretend most of it didn’t happen. However, Michonne was introduced during the 3rd season so I can’t complain too much. No one backs Michonne into a corner…


As a TWD fanatic I am obliged to let it consume my time, thoughts, and my belly. Hundreds of dollars of TWD comics- Check– VIP Norman Redus tickets- Check- 24 hour non-stop marathons- Check– TWD cookies…. THE WALKING DEAD COOKIES?! What a stroke of brilliance! Sometimes I’m divinely inspired.


It would take Shane rolling over in his grave to stop me from making these cookies. Walkers might be surrounding my house, and even though they don’t eat sweet delicacies (Ok, I’m totally a sweet delicacy, thank you very much),  I would rather be eaten alive than not have cookies in my bunker.


Unfortunately I haven’t finished my Daryl and Carl cookies. But here’s what I’ve got so far.

IMG_2018 IMG_2017 IMG_2012

The photo’s are kinda crude but what the hell, the world’s ending anyway and this history books will remember these edibles at high art.


Cookie Fetish

For the last few years I’ve slowly developed a sugar cookie fetish. I’ve honed the recipe and have played with different techniques. I feel like I don’t have to be as serious with cookies. Although they take a lot of work It’s always nice to see the smiles they bring to others.

I’m  working on my valentines cookies to sell at the bakery were I work!

IMG_1946 IMG_1952 IMG_1959 IMG_1961 IMG_1962 IMG_1965