About Me

My name is Kristy and I’m the person covered in flour for The Sweet Jubilee.  The Sweet Jubilee is about facing life head on with some basic ingredients: sugar, flour, and perseverance. Absurd quantities of butter and chocolate optional but highly recommended. I live in the Chicago-land area with Mr. Jubilee and my parents. I graduated from The NatuKristyral Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. There are a lot of reasons I bake. First and foremost is that like most people of my generation (and just a lot of people) is that I feel this overwhelming powerlessness to change anyone’s circumstances, especially my own. I don’t feel that way when I bake. When I turn on the oven I know I can quantify the qualitative. Right now The Sweet Jubilee is only my imagination and a bunch of ones and zeros stored in hot room, filled with servers, in the far away land of where-ever. Someday (I hope) with a lot of luck, fiscal responsibility, and pulverized grains it will be a brick and mortar place ,in a hot building, in the far way land of where-ever. BIG DIFFERENCE.  All that aside, it is my vision that there will be something special about The Sweet Jubilee that will make it unlike any other bakery known. The Sweet Jubilee will be a not-for-profit bakery that offers women with barriers to employment an opportunity for dignified work and a safe environment for future job training. It is also my dream to use the pay-as-you-can model utilized by restaurants such as: Panera Cares, SAME Cafe, and Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen. These are just a few of the many community restaurants popping up all around the nation. Although I am not a religious person the concept of Jubilee has religious roots. To many people it simply means celebration. Jubilee is an end to bondage and servitude. To let old debts be forgiven. For me it will be the sweet taste and celebration of financial independence, interdependence within a community, and hope for civic engagement. Maybe my dream is a little too sweet? I guess this is a good place to start. Maybe I can make box mixes where the directions are: “Just add love and mix enthusiastically.”  That should do it.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is beautiful! First off, you have a gift for writing. Secondly, people like you give me faith in humanity. Never let go of this dream!

  2. Miss Jubilee! Sweet Kristy!
    What began as a fetish for bento box lunches and a passion for tasty, beautiful yummies has evolved into something quite impressive. You inspire us all. Cheers, this one’s to you! ❤

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