Double Stuffed

I feel guilty wanting and purchasing oreos. They’re owned by some mega food conglomerate, are completely processed, and probably ruin the earth and souls of those that make them. But they’re good so I’ve turned a blind eye to my double standards. I couldn’t just eat them, though. I would sit down and finish the whole bag (box?) in a matter of moments. No shame.


Oreo cupcakes are a whole different matter entirely. When used as an ingredient and not the culinary focal point you can get away with just about anything. No food is sacred, except when it is, and even then bastardizing it becomes high art to heretics. Win-win.


I also had the excuse that this particular batch of cupcakes was going my friend’s amazing, adorable, and always hungry horde of children. Kids love Oreos, right? Me too.



Anyway. Nothing special about the process or ethereal nature of these cupcakes. The whole bag of oreos went into the cupcakes and icing. They had a really nice crunch.



2 thoughts on “Double Stuffed

  1. Hydrox were better (and contrary to popular belief, Oreos are a Hydrox clone, not the other way around), but sadly I might have the only ones left in existence. 😦

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