Neapolitan Marshmallows

These marshmallows are one hell of a tasty treat. I feel like an artisanal goddess after making these. A good friend of mine inspired me when he spoke about how he wanted Neapolitan smores. NEAPOLITAN SMORES!? Shut up and take my money. All I could imagine was how charming it would be to open a fancy candy box with tri-colored sugar puffs inside (cue stereotypical Italian music and picturesque backdrops). neapolitan close upI think I can speak for foodies everywhere when I say the quality of the ingredients used in a recipe matters. Mind you, this doesn’t mean your vanilla extract should be 25 bucks for a 4 oz bottle or that you have to use all organic ingredients. It’s the little things that count. For me, it’s knowing what is appropriate for each dish. For example: I pay attention to the percent alcohol content of my vanilla extracts. The lower the percent the more concentrated the flavor. When I want vanilla to take center stage in a dish I’d rather use a vanilla bean or a 35% alcohol content extract vs. 41%.  But a 41% alcohol content vanilla is more appropriate for other dishes when it is a supporting flavor. Whew, did that make any sense or am I having mad rambling from this sugar rush!?Neapolitan marshmallow

With that in mind, what really made these marshmallows over the top was the fact that I used a strong homemade strawberry syrup instead of a flavor extract. I boiled down 16 oz (two cups) fresh strawberries to 8 oz.  Wow my house smells good! There are even little strawberry specks! The strawberry layer should be a marshmallow all by itself. However, the fact that I used fresh strawberries shortens the marshmallow’s shelf life. That’s not a problem in my household. They won’t last til the end of the week

Neapolitan pyramidMaking these was time consuming. It helps if you have multiple bowls for your mixer, pre-measure all of the ingredients, and to time the sugar boiling.  I used bravetart’s marshmallow recipe. For the strawberry layer I bloomed the gelatin in 8oz of strawberry syrup instead of water. And I just add good coco powder to the chocolate layer. I just about overflowed a ½ sheet pan. My tastiest mess yet.


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