Lemon Tart

Lemon tart 3 I have a culinary confession. It is a truth so frightful that I am afraid to share it with anyone that appreciates good food. I had a very perverse flavor palate growing up. Once I ate War Heads until my tongue bled (I’m not joking). I don’t even know how to explain or justify my masochistic need as a child for sour flavors. I remember when I was 9 or 10 I went through an entire summer where I did nothing but read, ride my bike, and eat lemons. I didn’t just eat lemons mind you; I first dipped them in malt vinegar then coated them in salt. Bon Appetite. I remember my lips being in a perpetual state of “pucker.” I don’t know why I loved it. I don’t know why I did it. I’m extremely grateful I never got an ulcer.

Since them my abnormal palate has developed beyond the sickly sour. Lemons are the embodiment of sunbeams in July. So why would I want lemon tarts in November? It’s difficult to describe but it all started with Lemon Tart1rosemary. A few weeks ago my family brought in our massive pot of rosemary and sage to save them from the frost and soon to be snow. Every time we brush against the rosemary bush the air becomes saturated with the savory scent. Rosemary is an intense flavor. It can easily overpower subtle undertones in a dish. I was challenged to think of a dessert that would feature rosemary in a complimentary way. Thus the white chocolate rosemary tart crust was born. Next I needed another flavor that would not only cut the savory factor but also brighten the dish. Naturally, lemon was the best choice.

The tart is potent and delicious. The lemon curd is bright and the rosemary somehow creamy. However, I intend to change the dish next time around to be more suitable for those that aren’t as enthralled with sour. I will add more white chocolate to the crust and add a white chocolate mousse on top. It might be a cold and dreary day but I have a secret stash of sunbeams I can unleash whenever it gets too grey.

Lemon tart 2



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