Rows and Rows of Profiteroles

Creampuff2At one point in my life I realized I like visiting places whose main feature is a display case or an elaborate window setting. I don’t know what it is but I’ll immediately enjoy a food item better if it has, at one point, spent time behind a pane of glass.  Don’t get me started on foods put under domes or in elaborate glass jars… goose-bumps. Maybe it’s the feeling of something forbidden to me? I have a hunch it is my ridiculously detailed fantasies of miniature desserts trying to sneak out of the case at night to rummage around the kitchen for food. I remember countless times when I was small having my eyes level with the display case so every delicacy was right there for me to see. I’d always get close enough to watch my breath condense on the cool case. I’d spy out fingerprints and think of Inspector Gadget or Tin-Tin on a mission to find the escaped dessert.

Creampuff1I view desserts in cases like animals in pet stores. They need to come home with me. It’s not fair to spend your life behind glass (sorry Magneto, Loki and many other famous Marvel superheros).  I remember institutionally knowing not to tap on the glass of the display cases at bakeries- I might rile up the petits fours. We both know the éclairs do not forgive and the bear claws wish people would see their sensitive side before they maul you with flavor. I’ve always had a vivid imagination that anthropomorphizes just about everything. The whole craze of cupcakes and tofu imagery with eyes and rosy cheeks melts my heart.

I was lucky enough to spend a short time in France when I was younger. Boy, do they know how to populate a display case! I deeply regret that I wasn’t mature enough to go out of my crème puff comfort zone. When I have my very own display case I’m going to sneak little desserts with cute faces in innocuous roes. The first kid that spies one out will help it escape from its’ chilly prison free of charge.


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