National Coffee Day

There is no doubt in my mind that coffee deserves its own day of jubilation. We are caffeinated nation here in the good ole US of A. The lines in café’s just keep getting longer as our addiction and Coffee mallowsconsumption grows. Drinking coffee is more than something we do or enjoy. The entire experience is a sacred threshold between the mundane and the luminescent. According to, 54% of coffee drinkers (me included) say that coffee makes them feel more like themselves.  It’s no wonder that coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world. The only thing the globalized economy finds more useful than coffee is petroleum. Mind blown.

A good portion of my first batch of marshmallows actually went into my morning coffee. I even went as far as to bring the decadent sugar pillows with me to coffee shops so I could have them on-the-go. I got a strange look from one barista when I asked him to leave some space for marshmallows in the cup.  No shame. No regrets. That’s how I decided that nothing would be more of an ode to coffee than to make it into a marshmallow.

Coated in powdered sugar and instant coffee

Coated in powdered sugar and instant coffee

I used BraveTart’s vanilla bean marshmallow recipe. Instead of using water I deviated from the recipe and used 16oz of a good Sumatran cold brew. Serious noms.  I dusted the marshmallows with a powdered sugar/ instant coffee mix. My hands are so jittery I can barely type this entry. Happy National Coffee Day to my fellow addicts. Please drink responsibly.


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