Unbalanced Baker

I am an unbalanced Baker.

I’ve always been too afraid to delve into the world of food blogging. There are some extremely talented, always humble, demigods in the food blogging world. Their sites are populated by such astonishingly mouth watering photographs that just considering how many sprinkles it would take to represent the pixels on the screen gives me a brain freeze. Envious Jubilee is envious. I know some people actually know how to use their cameras. F stops, shutter speeds, aperture settings…day dreams about lemon shortbread cookies with a lavender royal icing… maybe… sorry, right, Cameras! I have an iPhone… I need a photographer whose face I can stuff as payment.

I watched from platform 9 ¾ while the blog train filled up and rode off into the land of memes.  Since then the blogosphere exploded and the tasty food bloggers finally got recognized for their foresight. A whole culture was stewed up to feed the ravenous foodies. I waited by the sidelines. It’s been really lonely in my kitchen. It’s been just me avidly baking my heart out while I wait for you to update your feed, tweet your latest treat, and blog about the whole ordeal. I will on occasion (always) bookmark something I believe that’s worth trying. I’ve been a little obsessed. But my ganache is good.

I went to culinary school and sometimes call myself a chef, especially if I want employment, but who am I kidding? I’m afraid that someday I’m going to be called out. That my dirty secret will be revealed: that I, sweet jubilee, am a fraud. Ok, I’m not a fraud. I’ve got some genuinely delicious skills. I can always be better. The icing can be silkier, the filling paired with the cake needs a longer lasting flavor, or the umami is out of balance. What this all boils down to is that I need a group of my peers to help. I will wait on the sidelines NO MORE!

It’s time for me to meet my people!


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